• 4 sessions included

    Price includes 5 sessions in the studio in different photo shoots at various stages, saving you the sitting fee of £100 each time.

  • 30"x20" canvas included

    At the end of the ages and stages package, you will be able to select your favourite image and we will create a piece of wall art in the form of 30 inch x 20 inch canvas to hang on your wall.

  • Cake smash included with cake.

    We will supply everything needed for the cake smash! 

    This includes cake and your choice of outfit for the little one to wear. We will also include the backdrop.

  • All inclusive package

    Pay a set rate for the ages and stages package and only pay for the images you want from the photoshoots. Your in total control and we will send you reminders of when your next photoshoot is due, this way you dont forget to book in.

  • One low cost

    All of this package all for one low cost of £50

    This is a total saving of £850 if booked separately 

    t&c’s apply and can be found at bottom of the page.

Pregnancy Shoot (optional)

Maternity photos capture the beauty and intense emotion of this special time. Pregnancy is a life-changing experience, and these invaluable memories are captured as art with Michael’s beautiful maternity photography.

Your pregnancy photo shoot should take place from when you are 32 weeks+. During an one hour long photo shoot we will capture the imagination with moments frozen in time.

Newborn photoshoot

I prefer to photograph newborns within the relaxed comfort of our studio where we have all the equipment to hand. Little ones should be under 14 days old, ideally 6-12 days old. That’s when they’re most sleepy, still curled up from being in the womb, and at their most cuteness! After this age babies can become less sleepy, and tend to lose their newborn look.  Sessions can take a number of hours, allowing for time for soothing, feeding and of course, taking beautiful images. Capturing those little hands and feet.

Sitter photo shoot

With the little one sitting up  is a another milestone. They start to explore the world around them with a cheeky grin.

The transformation from baby to toddler is taking place, lets get it documented in a creative 1 hour sitter photoshoot.

The big ONE First birthday

It’s here !! the little one is about to turn one. They may be walking/standing at this time and a lot bigger from the 8 month session. Lets have some fun with a photo shoot followed by a cake smash.

From this session will last approx one hour and will include a mini photoshoot and cake smash, which will be messy, very messy. Don’t worry though, after the cake smash session we will have a tub time session. Kids will leave the studio all nice and clean, but will the adults ?

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  • All steps would have to receive discount

    Each of the 5 steps would have to be followed in order to get the discount.

    Should one of these steps be missed it would void the offer.

  • 30"x20" canvas included

    Canvas is included once all steps have been followed and is of an image off your choice at the viewing of the last set of pictures.

    No other pictures will be included free of charge, although a discounted rate would be available on other purchases

  • All usual t&c’s apply

    All our other usual t&c’s do apply and can be found on our webpage

  • Only includes baby

    Should friends,family or siblings wish to be included we can do so but an additional charge may apply

    (this would vary from shoot to shoot)

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