Kincaid House, Glasgow wedding photography

Kincaid house wedding


John & Theresa

Kincaid House, Glasgow wedding photography.

When we first met John & Theresa we could see how madly in love they both were and when we had discovered that they were getting married at Kincaid House, we knew instantly that there would be plenty of photo opportunities and since they had a signing frame we knew we could have an iconic picture to fill it.

Signing frame

A signing frame is like a guestbook that hangs on your wall, All your guests sign the frame, a little like a guestbook. A picture from the wedding is then inserted into the frame, its sealed and ready to hang on the wall. This will be a focal point in the place you hang it.

Bridal Prep

When we had arrived to do the bridal prep of the day (where we take pictures of everything happening in the house, the chaos of getting organised for the wedding in the morning.) The Hair Stylist Laura Slaven was in full swing of getting the bridal party ready. We fully recommend Laura as the hair sat perfect all day!

laura slaven make up

Mother and daughter wedding pose

Pre wedding

As Theresa had booked the 2 photographer package that meant that when  one photographer at the house with Theresa, the other was able to be with the groom John at the venue making sure that all the plans were in place. We were able to work with the guests and groom, this meant that we could get picture with John and his guests and the guests themselves!

wedding guest pictures

once these were finished the guests and groom then headed inside to await the bride and bridal party, the bridal party arrived in a limo supplied by Clyde valley limo’s

Clyde valley limos



During the ceremony the service was provided by a minister who was close to the couple, this was filled with so much emotion the groom even forgot what he was saying a few times, this was like

me during my own wedding, forgetting what i had to say several times. You dont know how much pressure there is at the bottom of the isle to remember so much information.


Creative session

During this time we got to try out some new poses and really get creative with those poses

Artistic wedding photography

bridesmaids and groom poses

wedding photography glasgow

birdcage kincaid house glasgow

wedding fashion poses


Getting to know our clients 

During the time we had spent with the happy couple; , we were sad to learn that the brides mother was no longer with us. We had also learned that there was a photo taken of her at the Kincaid house hotel, after speaking with Theresa’s dad, he had sent someone to get the picture as he thought it would be nice to include her in some way and here is the result.


Theresa had already asked us if we could include and incorporate this picture for her,


Dances & Night time

After the 1st dances, we had provided our magic selfie mirror 

The magic mirror was hugely popular and went  down really well and a great way for both  the daytime and night time guest to relax, unwind and

Jam events Provided by our friends at Jam events 


Wedding cake Cake was provided by Cute cakes by Rachel


Thank you Maq Films who was there to capture the day